Treatment delayed by Covid, burnt woman finds new life after more than a year | Kolkata News

Kolkata: A 35-year-old housewife from Belghoria, who suffered severe burns at home on November 26, 2020, underwent surgery last month as her treatment had been suspended for a year due to the pandemic.
Doctors at the state-run RG Kar Medical College and Hospital (RGKMCH) successfully treated Sagarika Biswas‘ second and third degree burns, which she had suffered to her face, neck, chest and abdomen two years ago, in the burn unit of the plastic surgery department over two months and half. She was discharged with advice to return for regular follow-ups. The second wave of Covid-19 had prevented Biswas’ family from returning to hospital after the first visit.
When she returned to hospital after more than a year in May, she had developed severe contracture in her neck after burning, while her chin had become attached with her anterior chest wall. She had become disabled due to extremely restricted neck movement. It was impossible for him to straighten his neck or move his neck in any direction.
Doctors admitted her again on May 6 for clinical evaluation and various investigations to restore movement in her neck. After extensive preoperative examinations and a pre-anaesthetic workup, the patient was placed under the knife for delicate microvascular reconstructive surgery on May 18.
“After proper surgical planning, the patient underwent treatment for complete release of neck contracture and straightening of the neck by excision of all post-burn scar tissue, followed by reconstruction of the resulting neck defect with a free microvascular ALT flap (anterolateral thigh flap) taken from his left thigh under general anesthesia,” said the chief microvascular surgeon Gaurab Chaudhuri burns department and plastic surgery.
Chaudhuri was assisted by doctors, Arnab Mandal, Meheraj SekhDebabrata Maity, Chayan Gupta, Rajib Dutta and Nirjhar Goshto perform the surgery.
The patient remained in intensive postoperative care for more than weeks before being discharged home a few days ago. Highly accomplished and sophisticated microvascular surgery on a severely burned patient in a public hospital restored movement to the patient’s neck.
“Even swallowing food had become a struggle for my mother before the operation. Doctor Gaurab Chaudhuri and his team breathed new life into her with the surgery. People say a lot of negative things about public hospitals, but what we have seen, it is not only quality care, but also a human side of the doctors, including the youngest ones, ”said the woman’s son, Bappan.
Back home, she is now able to speak and eat solid food without any difficulty. But the doctors asked him to come to the hospital for regular check-ups.


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