The concept of metallic lungs uses algae to suck in atmospheric carbon dioxide and replace it with oxygen

This concept piece called Super Lung uses algae to replace carbon dioxide in the atmosphere with oxygen. It explores both the power and vulnerability of mammals based on their lungs and the simple act of breathing which can be how a virus spreads or how you calm your mind.

The pandemic caused by various respiratory viral diseases stems from structural limitations in the form of exhalation and inhalation, which are methods of mammalian respiration. By sending it, the propagation power is increased.

However, algae create a one-way flow by differentiating the inspiration and expiration organs through a respiratory organ called anterior air sacs (like the air that passes through the grille of an internal combustion engine), and to through this, carbon dioxide is replaced with oxygen. This is a feature designed to secure oxygen more effectively at high altitudes, and it also serves to reduce the generation of active oxygen through efficient breathing.

Leaky lungs replace 100% of the air. It is said to reach 300% of the respiratory efficiency of normal mammals. This maximizes efficiency in a hypoxic environment and also serves to reduce the frequency of exhalation, the main cause of infection, by exhaling less with a small breath.

Super Phe is an agglomeration of technologies to change the respiratory structure of these birds, increase the efficiency of oxygen with less respiration, and even increase the possibility of surviving with apnea in extreme conditions. Less breathing leads to less infection, and apnea is also an extreme prevention technique aimed at zero infection (zero infection).

And, if necessary, it is occasionally supplied with concentrated oxygen either through the skin or through the arteries. It will revolutionize the human respiratory system, currently vulnerable to infections, by replacing more than 25,000 breaths per day with a single breath, or by achieving the goal of oxygenation by apnea.

Creators: Bongkyu Song, Moon Kyungwon & Jeon Joonho

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