The career of Cody Rhodes told in photos, over the years

No one in the professional wrestling world has been creating more buzz than Cody Rhodes since American Nightmare announced his departure from All Elite Wrestling, as fans eagerly await his next move. Cody Rhodes started his career with the sole identity of being the son of the legendary Dusty Rhodes and had to work hard to make a name for himself in the business. Despite all the ups and downs he endured throughout his career, Cody Rhodes managed to create his own legacy by becoming one of the founding members of All Elite Wrestling.

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He’s had an interesting career so far, and with the entire pro wrestling fraternity keeping their eyes on Cody’s next move, it’s only fitting to look back on his career through various photos taken over the years. years.

9 Training & OVW

Cody Rhodes in OVW

Being the son of a legendary professional wrestler, Cody Rhodes had business in his veins, and after a successful stint in amateur wrestling in high school, Cody decided to follow in his father’s footsteps into professional wrestling.

Cody Rhodes received basic training from Dusty Rhodes when he was just 12 years old, but received extensive training from Al Snow, Danny Davis, Randy Orton and Ricky Morton.

WWE opened its doors to young Cody Rhodes in 2006 and assigned him to its developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling, where he became a two-time Tag Team Champion and had one reign each with the OVW Television and Heavyweight Championships.

8 Start of main list

Cody Rhodes with Dusty Rhodes and Randy Orton

Cody Rhodes made his first appearance on the main roster in a backstage segment with his father Dusty Rhodes and Randy Orton, in which the latter slapped Dusty Rhodes in front of Cody. This resulted in a few matches between the two superstars, which ended with Orton winning twice and a punt kick over Dusty Rhodes.

He then quickly forged a partnership with Hardcore Holly, with whom he won the World Tag Team Championships. However, he asked Holly to tag team Ted DiBiase and won another Tag Team Championship with his new partner.


7 Heritage

The Legacy of Cody Rhodes

After a series of events with fellow multi-generational wrestlers Manu and Sim Snuka, Cody Rhodes and Ted Di Biase became official members of Legacy with Randy Orton as their leader.

Together, Rhodes and Di Biase aided Orton in his sadistic acts and also helped Orton win the 2009 Royal Rumble. They were also vital parts of Randy Orton’s feud with the McMahon family and played a role crucial in The Viper’s WWE Championship win over Triple H.

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However, after weeks of teasing tension between the trio, Legacy disbanded after Cody Rhodes and Ted Di Biase cost Randy Orton the WWE Championship in the Elimination Chamber match at the titular PPV in 2010. Events led to a triple threat match between the former teammates. at WrestleMania 26, where Randy Orton came out with the win.

6 Dashing Cody Rhodes

Dashing and Undashing Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes was drafted to SmackDown in the 2010 Draft, and after a failed attempt to win a tournament for the vacant Intercontinental Championship, he introduced a narcissistic new gimmick claiming to be WWE’s Most Handsome Wrestler and renamed himself Dashing Cody Rhodes.

He then teamed with Drew McIntyre to win the WWE Tag Team Championships and held them for 35 days before dropping them to John Cena and David Otunga.

Cody Rhodes began a heated rivalry with Rey Mysterio after he legitimately broke his nose after being hit by an exposed knee brace and claimed he had to undergo reconstructive facial surgery and was no longer rushing.

Rhodes then faced Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania 27 in a winning attempt, but lost to him in a count anywhere match at Extreme Rules 2011.

5 Reign of the Intercontinental Championship

Cody Rhodes Intercontinental Champion

Cody Rhodes defeated Ezekiel Jackson for the Intercontinental Championship on the August 12, 2011, episode of SmackDown, marking his first WWE singles title. He held the title for an impressive 236 days, during which he reintroduced the classic title design and defended it against Ted Di Biase, Sheamus, John Morrison and Booker T before dropping it off at The Big Show at WrestleMania. 28.

However, he regained the title from Big Show at the 2012 Extreme Rules PPV but was only able to retain it for 21 days before losing it to Christian at the Over The Limit PPV.

4 Stardust and departure


After a brief partnership with Damien Sandow as Team Rhodes Scholars, Cody Rhodes reunited with his brother Goldust in a storyline against The Authority. Cody spoke out against Triple H’s authoritarian rule, which resulted in him facing Randy Orton in a career-threatening match, which he ultimately lost and got fired.

Dusty Rhodes and Goldust tried to get Cody’s job back but ended up with Dusty Rhodes knocked out by an unintentional Big Show. This led to the Rhodes Brothers getting revenge on them by winning The Shield Tag Team Titles.

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However, the Rhodes brothers went into a slump and suffered a losing streak until Cody was repackaged as Stardust, a character similar to his brother’s. Cody had creative differences regarding this gimmick, which ultimately led to him leaving the promotion in May 2016.

3 ROH, NJPW and Impact Wrestling

Cody Rhodes in NJPW and ROH

After his release from WWE, Cody Rhodes began competing on the independent circuit, which led to him competing in major promotions like Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

He first appeared in Impact Wrestling in October 2016, then landed in Ring of Honor on December 2, 2016, before making his NJPW debut on December 10.

During this time, Cody Rhodes won the World Championship, the Six-Man Tag Team Championship in Ring of Honor, became a member of the infamous Bullet Club, won the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship in NJPW, and also won the NWA Championship. Worlds Heavyweight.

2 All Elite Wrestling & TNT Champion Roster

Cody Rhodes in AEW

Cody Rhodes began working with The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and Tony Khan in the All Elite Wrestling roster. Rhodes revealed that he, along with the Bucks and Omega, would serve as executive vice presidents and on-screen talent for the new promotion.

At the inaugural AEW Double or Nothing event in May 2019, Cody Rhodes defeated his brother Dustin Rhodes to begin his AEW journey. It quickly became a weekly staple after the introduction of AEW Dynamite.

Although he lost the ability to challenge for the AEW World Championship, after losing the Last Chance Match to Chris Jericho at the 2019 Full Gear PPV, Cody Rhodes won the secondary title, the TNT Championship, at three times.

1 Departure AEW

Cody and Brandi Rhodes AEW

Cody Rhodes’ final days in All Elite Wrestling saw fans turn on him and shower him with boos every time he stepped out in the ring. He also reportedly had several unfavorable incidents behind the scenes, which caused him and the other EVPs to lose their creative control over the shows.

After all of these events, Cody Rhodes and his wife Brandi announced their departure from AEW completely out of nowhere, which took the pro-wrestling fraternity by storm.

With ongoing rumors that he will reach an agreement with WWE on a potential return, it will be interesting to see where the American nightmare makes his arrival in the coming days.

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