Sunday Afternoon Session: Summaries from General Conference of Latter-day Saints

Quorum of the Twelve Apostles Gerrit W. Gong said that as a child he wanted to run away from home.

When people run away from home, it’s often because trust is broken, he said, and when that trust is broken, people wonder how they can trust again.

“Whether we come home or come home, God is coming our way. In him we can find faith and courage, wisdom and discernment, to trust again, ”said Elder Gong.

Many people feel disillusioned and seek to restore confidence both in relationships and in modern society because “broken alliances break hearts”. But, he added, this is where confidence comes in and can heal hearts.

“Confidence becomes real when we do difficult things with faith. Service and sacrifice increase capacity and refine hearts,” he said.

He listed many individual circumstances where trust is broken, including infidelity, unexpected death or suffering, and feelings of exclusion in church. But, Elder Gong says, when people wonder if, how, and when to trust again, the Spirit can help in discernment.

In addition, “we can always trust God, who has infinite love and perfect knowledge,” he said.

Regarding the prodigal son, consider Jesus using the parable to ask us to see each other in both roles, Elder Gong continued. Change is possible through the Atonement, and God is ready to welcome us into our home and judge us with perfect justice and perfect mercy, he concluded.

—Jenny Rollins

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