Split to obtain a medical research center worth more than 80 million euros

ZAGREB, February 9, 2022 – A tender for design documentation for a future medical research center in Split was presented in the coastal city on Wednesday.

The construction project for the centre, which will be located on the premises of the city’s Križine Hospital, costs just over 80 million euros, including equipment.

The cost of design documentation is slightly less than HRK 8 million, with the entire amount provided by the EU.

The project partner is the Faculty of Medicine in Split.

The future medical research center in Split, covering an area of ​​15,500 square meters, will have eight laboratories – for human genetics, cell and tissue biology, bioinformatics, data analysis and statistics, cardiovascular medicine and lifestyle, tumors, neurodegenerative diseases and neuroscience, regenerative rehabilitation and for the development of new drugs, devices and clinical procedures.

The aim of the project is the establishment of an important research-innovation structure which, according to officials of KBC Split Hospital, will improve the quality, scope and relevance of research activities in the field of biomedicine. and healthcare, while enabling integration with the common pan-European network.

The future center should integrate the research and clinical work of the Faculty of Medicine in Split and the KBC Split Hospital.

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