Sisterhood of the Divine Makeover event helps change lives


Beverly Barnes, Marti Dougherty, Christy East and Sondra Stieber, left to right, took part in a makeover during The Sisterhood of the Divine Makeover.

Eagle Correspondent

Do you know how good it feels to leave the barbershop with a new haircut? Well take that feeling and multiply it a few times and you kind of know how four women felt after a head to toe makeover.

The Sisterhood of the Divine Makeover is a fundraising event for a charity – and this year’s recipient was Raise My Head, an organization for women transitioning from human trafficking to a safe life, healthy and sustainable.

People nominated women who they believed deserved a makeover due to difficult circumstances in their lives. A committee selected four winners from the nominations and an instant makeover was performed over lunch on October 9 at the Wichita Marriott.

The winners sporting their new looks were presented at lunch. The smiles were great both on and off the stage, but also tears flowed. Tears of joy.

After being contacted in September, the winners made appointments at participating salons and retailers and the makeover process began.

Here’s a look at the very grateful winners:

Beverly Barnes was involved in a makeover at The Sisterhood of the Divine Makeover event at the Marriott on Saturday. Fernando Salazar Eagle Correspondent

Beverly barnes was at one point battling drug addiction and neglecting his health, including his diabetes. At one point, she suffered from acute heart failure. She completed drug treatment, got a full-time job, and was doing well until she had a stroke in July. Now she is fine and looks good.

Beverly was able to choose her outfit with the help of store owner Allison Baker and Aspen store manager Mariah Campbell. Beverly walked into the walk-in closet where outfits were hung so she could try them on. She got tears in her eyes and said “I don’t need to try anything else, I want the green.”

Jessie McMillan put on makeup and Klaiborne Arnold cut and colored her hair. Both are stylists at Planet Hair.

“I feel so good and have learned that even being a simple Jane how beautiful you can become,” she said.

Marti Dougherty was involved in a makeover at The Sisterhood of the Divine Makeover event. Fernando Salazar Eagle Correspondent

Marti Dougherty was named by a friend who described Marti’s divorce as particularly humiliating, but that Marti remained in balance and continued to be generous and loving. She has five adopted children and many friends who have supported her through a difficult time.

Marti said she enjoyed the makeover once she got over her fear of change. “I am so grateful to Pam Cutler of Salon Knotty for her talent and for making me a stronger person. I love my hair color and my cut. And this outfit! Frou Frou is now one of my favorite stores! Betsy Morrison, owner of Frou Frou, helped her.

She says the whole experience has taught her to stop taking herself seriously. Like the other winners, Marti said she was very nervous but appreciated the fun and attention and was very grateful.

Christy East was involved in a makeover during The Sisterhood of the Divine Makeover. Fernando Salazar The Wichita Eagle

Christy East struggled with drug addiction from the age of 14. Two marriages ended in divorce. For most of her life, she has been verbally, physically and sexually assaulted.

But thanks to her determination, she is doing well now. She has been sober and sober for three years and has restored healthy relationships with her children and grandchildren.

Christy admits that she was very nervous about this adventure, but said that “the ladies of K-Lane and Charisma made me feel worthy to be there and I relaxed”.

Diane Schmidt, the owner of K-Lane, helped her with clothes and shoes. Christine Dohmeier at Charisma cut her extremely long hair, colored it and styled it.

Sondra Stieber was involved in a makeover at The Sisterhood of the Divine Makeover event at the Marriott on Saturday. FERNANDO SALAZAR

Sondra Stieber has experienced an incredible number of traumatic medical events. In 2008, while on a teaching trip to Israel, she accidentally received a bullet in the arm. The doctor decided it was best to leave the bullet in his arm. This caused many problems which, after several years, necessitated the amputation of his arm below the elbow.

She was to be one of the first to have a mind-controlled prosthetic arm. As the pandemic caused delays, costs rose with insurance refusing to pay them. Once she got the prosthesis there were additional challenges and expense, but this mother of 10 and grandmother of 10 continued to persevere. She has maintained and still has a positive attitude. She continues to volunteer with several charities.

She says her favorite part of the makeover experience was “realizing that things I would never have chosen for myself could be so beautiful. A new look really led to a new perspective. She says that ‘she will now trust the experts.

The experts she was referring to were Jenna Donavon-Wineburg, store and staff manager at Nouveau, as well as the LBD staff who made Sondra’s outfit. “They really spoiled me. I have never shopped in such cool places.

Another of her favorite experts is Tod Ernst of Planet Hair. “He’s as incredible as his reputation,” she said. She loves the honey tones in her hair and the soft curls.

Sondra echoed what all of the makeover winners have said: They love their new look and appreciate each other’s generosity so much that they cried. Some said they had given up on looking or feeling beautiful again. Then the tears would return.

“But I can’t cry now because my eyelashes are going to fall out!” Beverly Barnes said, dabbing her eyes with a tissue. Then they laughed.

The instant designer: Donna Ford

At the start of the Sisterhood of the Divine Makeover lunch, Donna Ford was stunned when her name was called and asked to take the stage. Eric Fisher of Eric Fisher Salons and Mariah Campbell of Aspen Boutique got to work.

They had an hour to get their makeover. Eric cut his hair shorter and used his natural curl. JJ Serrano wore makeup. Her casual Aspen Boutique outfit was also a hit.

The Raise My Head Foundation

The mission of the Raise My Head Foundation is to provide women who break free from sex trafficking with a safe home, away from harmful influences, where they can receive healing and restoration.

Women in the program benefit from a wide range of support services to empower them to recover, grow and transform.

For more information, visit

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