Parents share warning after 2-year-old nearly loses fingers at Houston daycare

HOUSTON – A new warning to parents and educators about a potential safety hazard in schools and daycares.

A Houston parent received a call from his child’s school upon hearing the words no parent ever wants to hear, “there’s blood everywhere.”

Rachel Goodlad was 6 months pregnant in March 2018 with her second child. Her 2-year-old son, Fitz, attended the local daycare.

“They immediately started saying, ‘I’m really sorry but he’s covered in blood, everyone is covered in blood.’ We need you to come meet us as we are heading to the hospital.

As Rachel recalls that traumatic day, she didn’t even know how Fitz had been hurt, as it was clear that everyone also didn’t know how it happened at the time.

“When I was opening the door for my friends, my fingers got stuck in the door and then they came loose,” Fitz Davis recalled. “It was bleeding so much and then I had to go to the ambulance instead of the doctor. Then the doctor had to stitch up my fingers.

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The surveillance video from that day has just been released and now Rachel and her husband want to share it to show others the dangers that can come with certain school doors.

In the video, you can see his teacher unlocking the door outside. That’s when Fitz heads for the door to let his friends in. The door opens, crushing his fingers in a split second.

“One of the teachers said, ‘We forgot to tell you that we put his fingernails in a ziplock bag. They’re in his backpack,” Goodlad explained.

“They took my husband and I outside and said we needed you to prepare us that maybe we couldn’t fix this,” Goodlad recalled. “Two different hospitals sent him away because the injury was so bad they didn’t think they could save his fingers and then said they might not be able to save his hand.”

But they did.

They found someone who was able to rebuild his hand but his doctors said his fingers couldn’t grow. Goodlad says they will just have to wait until he grows up to see what damage has really been done and if he will need further reconstructive surgery.

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For the past 4 years, Goodlad and her husband have traveled to Houston-area schools, educating teachers about the dangers of certain doors. They have also been in communication with the state to see if there is a way to incorporate new door regulations into existing child care center standards.

“When we were talking to people at the state level, they told us it was the worst hand injury they’ve seen outside of daycare,” Goodlad said. “Our plastic surgeon tells us he sees this happening all the time, several times a week, from people all over the Houston area.”

They are grateful that Fitz has all of his fingers intact, but still fear it could happen to someone else, as any parent would.


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