New era of aesthetic medicine

Today, many beauty patients are reaching out to ask for the treatment they want. Injections of Botox here, hyaluronic acid there; fulfilled elsewhere. In my opinion, an assessment must be done first, then a diagnosis made later, and from there the appropriate treatment is indicated for each patient. This is how we proceed with all the specialties of medicine. The medical specialist in aesthetics meets the same standards as all the disciplines of the health sciences.

Empathy is the way to understand the patient from his point of view, to understand what his motivations are, what he feels and what he wants to achieve. That’s why I treat everyone who comes into my office as a unique creature, so they need special treatment. Leaving this fundamental step, conscious evaluation, we begin to see people we don’t recognize.

My test is to suggest the person not to lose their naturalness. It is clear that if I devoted myself to this specialty it is because I like to see people. By having a healthy appearance and good physical health, your mental and emotional health will also be healthy and vice versa.

The freshness of the face and the good quality of the skin are the main things to achieve beauty. Each patient feels in tune with the way a particular therapist works. It is very important to identify what “annoys” the patient or wants to improve and to be objective and realistic with the results that a professional can offer.

Nowadays, it is common to grow cheekbones and lips, which are difficult to modify. The key is that the face should not add volume but generate tissue restoration. Which is achieved by different techniques while working.

It is not a detail that the patient should be told about every product that the professional puts on it. Most are imported and must be opened in front of the patient and checked that they are already closed and sealed. At the end of the process, they should give you a sticker, which is a product warranty, with production and brand data.

Also, find out about the knowledge of their training, their experience in the field of work; Whether doctors with academic support and trained in approved centers.

Complications are varied and frequent, and the best professional is the one who minimizes the risks and knows how to solve them if they arise.

There are many substances on the market of different price and quality; If the physician does not provide this information to them as a patient, they must request it; When one goes for a beauty treatment, one should not end up with a health problem.

The goal is for us to have years in the best possible way and it makes us smile when we look in the mirror. There is no age to feel beautiful, sexy, free and attractive.

Yes, it is important that your doctor guides you and accompanies you in the process, as I say “your feet are on the ground”.

I am in permanent medical training, visiting the leaders of aesthetic medicine in Argentina and in the world, to bring the best of techniques to my patients.

Medical specialist in aesthetic medicine and facial rejuvenation.

European Master in Anti-Aging Medicine. Graduated from UNR.

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