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Originally introduced in Splaton 2, Mr. Grizz is the mysterious owner of GrizzCo and your emcee for the Salmon Run teams. While working for Mr. Grizz, you never see his face, you only interact with him through a radio set shaped like a wooden bear. Despite the sketchy outward appearance of his business, Mr. Grizz seemed more than willing to pay extravagant sums to have the Inklings and Octolings scavenge golden salmon eggs for him.

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Who is this mysterious businessman, and what does he want with all these salmonid eggs? Previously there was no definitive answer to this, but in Splaton 3we finally learn the shocking truth about Mr. Grizz and GrizzCo.


Please be aware that we are entering MAJOR spoilers for Splatoon 3’s Hero Mode campaign.

Escape to space

A long, long time ago, the Earth was plagued by natural disasters due to humanity’s sky-high ambitions and endless conflicts. The majority of humanity perished in these disasters, but a select few managed to escape to safety. One group found solace in the subterranean cavern that would eventually come to be known as Alterna, while another group went in the opposite direction: into space. A crew of humans, along with a variety of earth animals suspended in cold slumber, have been launched into the inky darkness aboard the Ark Polaris rocket in search of a new planet to call home .

For a time, the mission went smoothly, with Ark Polaris gradually heading towards the outer reaches of the solar system. However, a chance impact with errant space debris irrevocably damaged the ship’s navigational equipment, disabling its ability to perform a safe landing. The last thing the crew could do before the thrusters completely failed was to reset their course to Earth. After that, all they could do was slowly drift back to their abandoned planet.

A world forever changed

Without thrusters, Ark Polaris gradually returned to Earth over the course of 10,000 years. The human crew and test animals remained in a cold slumber during this time, all suspended in a state between wakefulness and sleep, except for one: a single test bear, named Bear #03 . Unlike his shipmates, the bear retained his consciousness in a cold slumber, building up his intelligence and evolving his mind into the infinite realm of dreams.

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When the Ark Polaris finally returned to Earth, the brutal process of atmospheric re-entry completely destroyed the ship, killing all passengers except Bear #03. Upon exiting the wreckage, Bear was appalled at realizing that the Earth had been irrevocably changed. Gone are its mammals, replaced by walking sea creatures. Bear #03, frustrated and alone, needed answers and solutions.

A desire for normalcy

Retrieving the Ark Polaris’ guide beacons, Bear #03 was able to locate the long-abandoned remains of Alterna, the human city that had lingered after the apocalypse. Much of the city’s infrastructure had been destroyed in a cavern collapse, but by cannibalizing parts of Ark Polaris, the bear was able to put some of its critical systems back in order. Now having a base of operations, the bear began researching potential solutions to this world ruled by sea animals.

One of the most promising resources available to the bear were the liquid crystal displays that lined Alterna’s dome. These crystals had the ability to channel the thoughts of living creatures to create all kinds of wondrous devices. On a whim, the bear attempted to combine a batch of these crystals with a sample of its own fur. The result was a bizarre substance that could instantly turn any creature that touched it into a mammal, or at least a rough approximation of one. This was the birth of the Fuzzy Ooze, the linchpin of Bear #03’s plan to restore mammals as Earth’s dominant species.

A dark affair

However, the bear ran into a problem. Mass manufacturing of Fuzzy Ooze required large quantities of substances that were both potent and biologically flexible. The search for local breeds has provided the answer to the two deficiencies: the Golden Eggs produced by the salmonid breed. Unfortunately, the bear didn’t have the capacity to take on so many enemies, not to mention the fact that going out in public would bring trouble and suspicion from the local people. Adopting the alias “Mr. Grizz”, the bear used his resources to create GrizzCo, a company that would pay part-time employees to collect the golden eggs for him.

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As unsuspecting Inklings and Octolings accrued Golden Eggs for Mr. Grizz, he was able to increase Fuzzy Ooze production exponentially over the course of several years, gradually loading it all onto the abandoned test rocket that caused Alterna’s collapse. The plan was simple: launch the rocket into space, then detonate its contents. This would flood the entire Earth with Fuzzy Ooze, turning all sea dwellers into mammals.

It’s Paw Time – Splatoon 3’s Hero Mode

Finally, Mr. Grizz would have the return to the mammalian rule he so desperately yearned for. Before he could launch his rocket, however, he needed two more pieces: a power source powerful enough to successfully launch the launch sequence and the basic genetic information of the sea dwellers. The first problem has been solved quite easily by converting loose Octarian troops to his side with Fuzzy Ooze and having them fly the Great Zapfish from Splatsville.

The second problem, however, required some nuances. The genetic knowledge of sea dwellers was contained in the brain of a very old Inkling, a “Cap’n Cuttlefish”. All Mr. Grizz had to do was drop some Fuzzy Ooze into Splatsville Crater to get the cuttlefish to spy, and he’d swoop in and grab what he needed. Of course, he didn’t count on Cuttlefish recruiting a new agent (and their boyfriend) before checking things out, which ultimately led to his defeat.

While Mr. Grizz’s plan was undoubtedly sinister and potentially devastating to Earth, you can’t help but feel a little sorry for him. He was a timeless bear, simply wanting to return to the Earth he knew. He looked a lot like the humans of Alterna and Ark Polaris in that way, but unfortunately, as Mr. Grizz himself might say, the tides of time can only be withstood so long.

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