Mommy Makeovers with Dr. Mariam Awada

A mommy makeover aims to restore a woman’s fitness and confidence after giving birth. Many women detect changes in their body after giving birth, and many parts of the body can be treated. the most common are breasts, abdomen, waist, genitals and buttocks. A Mommy Makeover is a combination of three or more surgical and cosmetic procedures to repair and restore your physique after pregnancy and motherhood.

Dr. Mariam Awada is a Nationally Recognized Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for natural enhancements in Breast Augmentation, Mommy Makeovers, Liquid Lift and Rhinoplasty. She is a nationally recognized specialist and pioneer in cosmetic makeovers using minimally invasive techniques for both surgical and non-surgical beauty treatments.

Dr. Mariam Awada had a desire and dreamed of becoming a doctor at the age of twelve. Her interest in the human body prompted her to pursue a combined undergraduate degree in biology and chemistry. She was one of the top students in medical school; therefore, she was able to choose her medical specialty.

At the age of twenty-five, she discovered her passion for plastic surgery while attending medical school. Over the past 25 years, this has been his growing obsession. She is extremely grateful for helping each patient improve their function, self-image and overall well-being.

His superb expertise, creative flair and attention to detail have yielded exceptional results in cosmetic surgery. Her compassion, sensitivity and awareness of each patient resulted in meaningful lifelong relationships and accomplishments.

As a professional, mother, and woman, Dr. Mariam understands why pregnancy and the postpartum period can feel like adolescence, as changes in hormones, sleep, energy, and appetite disrupt the body’s regular responses. mood and weight control. The combination of new social obligations with acne and stretch marks makes it natural to feel uncomfortable and uneasy in body and mind.

Balancing post-pregnancy self-care and baby care is not an easy task. It’s much harder in a society that offers little social support for mothers and unreasonably expects women to look polite and comfortable in their new jobs. According to studies, the opposing demands of alertness and flexibility weigh heavily on new moms; therefore, many women have unrealistic expectations of how much control they can and should have over their bodies after childbirth.

There are various treatments that moms would appreciate, according to Dr. Awada. They can, for example, benefit from breast augmentation.

The weight gain and loss that occurs during pregnancy and hormonal changes and breastfeeding habits can all have a significant impact on the appearance of your breasts. Whether you think your breasts have lost volume or don’t look as good as they used to, many parents choose breast augmentation, also known as breast augmentation, to restore their breast size.

For people who are happy with their breast size but not with their sagging breasts, a breast lift is the second-best operation to fix sagging breasts and restore their perky appearance.

Excess skin from the lower breast is removed during a breast lift to elevate breast tissue and tighten breasts that have lost volume due to pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Liposuction is another option. This is a standard procedure for women who wish to remove fatty tissue from love handles, abdominal fat, saddlebags, and other fat deposits resulting from pregnancy. Diet and exercise can’t do much to help your skin regain its suppleness, especially around the abdomen. A complete or minor abdominoplasty can tighten the skin and erase stretch marks and eliminate C-section scars.

Patients may also choose to have a lower body lift. This is popular among women with lots of children. It is a procedure that removes loose skin and extra fat around your abdomen that has accumulated over many pregnancies. By shedding this excess skin, women can achieve the smoother, leaner lower body appearance of their pre-childbearing years.

There are some issues that need to be considered before undergoing a mommy makeover. These include your current lifestyle and health, the impact of cosmetic surgery for moms on your family life, and areas of your body that you want to improve.

You must be in excellent health and at least 18 years of age to be a qualified candidate for Mommy Makeover. You should also avoid having other children. Moms who lost weight during pregnancy but still want to get rid of sagging skin and persistent fat pockets are suitable candidates for post-baby cosmetic surgery treatments, frequently included in Mommy Makeover programs.

This makeover is equally appropriate whether you gave birth naturally or by caesarean section. After a C-section, this may be the ideal approach to correcting sagging skin or scarring. To keep in mind, Mommy Makeover is not suitable for new mothers, and it would be helpful if you gave your body some time to change before receiving therapies.

In recent years, the number of women receiving mommy makeover treatments has increased dramatically. Why? Mommy Makeovers provide moms with a revitalized sense of confidence by helping them look and feel their best! They’re not just for first-time moms.

These surgeries can be tailored to your body’s requirements, whether you’ve just had children or have older children.

Dr. Mariam Awada

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