Miach Orthopedics Announces Commercial Availability in U.S. of Bridge-Enhanced ACL Implant

02 December 2021

1 min read

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Miach Orthopedics Inc. has announced the commercial availability in the United States of the Bridge-Enhanced ACL Restorative Implant, a bioengineered connective tissue restoration implant for patients with ACL ruptures, according to a press release.

The Bridge Enhanced ACL Restorative Implant (BEAR) allows surgeons to forgo ACL reconstruction and eliminates the need for a transplant, depending on the version.

“We have been overwhelmed by the interest of patients who have torn their ACLs and who are actively seeking an alternative to the current standard of care” Marthe Shadan, president and chief executive officer of Miach Orthopedics, said in the statement. “We are honored that the BEAR implant has been selected by Popular science as one of the best new health products of the year, and we are excited to make this innovative treatment available to patients, ”added Shadan.

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