Local plastic surgeons note increase in male patients requesting facelifts

LEE COUNTY, Fla .– Plastic surgeons in Southwest Florida are seeing an increase in the number of male patients seeking facelifts.

“I think the men didn’t think plastic surgery was for them or applicable to them, but it is,” said Dr Kiran Gill, plastic surgeon and reconstructor at the Institute of Aesthetics in Naples.

While women only make up about 85-90% of business, Gill said the number of men she’s started seeing continues to grow every year.

“I think the increase in male plastic surgery has really happened since 2000, hasn’t it. I think 2000-2018 and even 18-2020 the increase was around 30%, ”said Gill.

This trend is also something Dr Michael Kim and Dr Ralph Garramone have seen in Fort Myers.

“Yes, I think we’ve seen a trend of more men having plastic surgery over the past two years in my practice,” Dr. Kim said.

“Men typically make up maybe 5-10% of patients in a plastic surgery practice and it was the same in our practice, but men certainly now represent a higher percentage,” added Dr Garramone.

Unlike injections, Dr Kim said facial lifts have grown in popularity due to the permanent nature of the procedure.

“A facelift is an invasive surgery where we lift the skin and muscles of the face to increase joule and tighten the neck,” Dr. Kim said.

Now, let’s not forget that the ongoing pandemic has played a huge role in this increase. Many people spend less time in the office, which means they have more time to recover from an operation at home.

“If you can work from home, you can hide and work from home with the computer and not have to see people all bruised,” said Dr Kim.

Moreover, even if you are going to the office, this surgical option has a short recovery time.

“Most of my patients who do office work can return to work in less than a week,” said Dr. Kim.

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