JWA Datamine 2.14: Long-awaited hybrid, Jurassic Pass info and MORE! | Jurassic World Alive Wiki

Finally, we have the big reveal of the new creatures. This one will be especially exciting because a creature that a lot of people want a hybrid for finally gets it. I’ll just let you read it for yourself to find out.

Albertocevia: “The cold-blooded Albertocevia’s mottled stripes are a good indicator of its mood. Never approach when these stripes are at their brightest blue. That’s when the superhybrid will be most aggressive!”

Allodrigues: “Like the Alloraptor, the Allodrigues hunt alone, stalking prey that it can easily bring back to its herd. Although small, the Allodrigues are fiercely territorial, competing with other herds for the best hunting grounds!”,

Rodrigues: “Closely related to the Dodo, the solitary Rodrigues is native to the island of Rodrigues, near Madagascar. Like the Dodo, this flightless bird became extinct in the 18th century due to colonial extermination.”,

Tarbognathe: “Each herd of Tarbognathus, regardless of size, will bear only one specimen with an orange-scaled skull. The development indicates that this particular creature is the Alpha of the herd.”,

Thylaconyx: “The dorsal stripes and sandy tone of this mammal-reptile hybrid make it perfectly camouflaged for its preferred grassland habitats.”

It’s true, ALLORAPTOR will finally have a Hybrid! It also looks like Thylacotator will be getting a new hybrid, and we’ll see Rodrigues Solitaire in the game soon! Lots of new creatures will come this update, as we also have the latest Datamine revealing lots of new creatures! It looks like the next update is going to be a BIG update, so we’re excited to see what’s coming in the next update!

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