John Lynch at NFL Scouting Combine: Javon Kinlaw, Jason Verrett and 11 other 49ers updates

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I’ll start with a few things we haven’t covered yet—Javon Kinlaw and Jason Verrett. San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch, speaking at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, provided updates on the two defenders. Kinlaw and Verrett missed most of last season.

After appearing in just four games, Kinlaw underwent reconstructive surgery to repair his ACL. Verrett suffered a torn ACL in Week 1.

Javon Kinlaw

Lynch told reporters Kinlaw could theoretically be back in time for the 49ers’ offseason schedule in the spring, but there’s no reason to rush his return.

“We want to make sure it’s [fully] rehabilitated,” Lynch said via David Lombardi of The Athletic. “We won’t want to rush because he’s so critical to our success. It has such a high ceiling. We want to see him healthy.”

The 49ers are hoping the decision to have Kinlaw operated will eliminate the lingering knee issues that have plagued him.

Lynch added: “Looking back, (the surgery) was probably the right decision to allow him to fully realize his talent, which is vast.”

Jason Verret

Verrett is expected to become an unrestricted free agent after signing a one-year contract with the team last offseason. However, the 49ers haven’t shut the door on the oft-injured veteran cornerback who will return to the team in 2022. “That position, you can’t get enough of it, and Jason is really good, when he’s in good shape. health. His issue has remained healthy,” Lynch said via NBC Sports Bay Area.

Lynch and the 49ers are monitoring Verrett’s recovery, hoping to give the cornerback another chance if it looks like he could contribute in 2022.

“We’re interested to see – we’re hearing, talking to him and talking to his agent, he really wants to come back, and so we’ll be watching that closely and seeing where he stands,” Lynch said. “We’ll see if that’s a possibility.”

Aaron Banks

Despite only going for five snaps last season, Lynch says the 49ers remain ahead of last year’s second-round pick, offensive lineman Aaron Banks.

“There’s a narrative because Aaron didn’t play there must be something wrong with him,” Lynch said via Lombardi. “Quite the opposite. Aaron has really grown, he’s really reshaped his body, and we’re really excited to bring him out and let him compete. It’s a huge offseason for him.”

Other ratings

NFL teams are interested in Jimmy Garoppolo despite the quarterback preparing to undergo shoulder surgery next week.

While Lynch points to last year’s No. 3 pick Trey Lance being the likely starter in 2022, the GM hasn’t shut the door on Garoppolo’s possible return. Said Lynch: “Jimmy is a part of us right now. A lot of people need or want quarterbacks right now, and he’s obviously a guy they would watch. Yeah, we listened, but he’s a part of us .”

Lynch called defensive end Nick Bosa and wide receiver Deebo Samuel “founders” of the roster and said they would stay with the 49ers. Both are eligible for contract extensions. Lynch said: “The timing, I have no idea, but we’ll go to work here, and have been working, to try and get something done.”

Lynch confirmed that he had been approached about a possible return to broadcasting. However, he turned down the offer to stay with the 49ers. A report said Amazon was offering a salary of around $15 million, three times Lynch’s current salary with the 49ers. “It’s a lot of money, though,” Lynch said with a laugh. “I can’t believe they pay so much for people talking football. It’s unbelievable.”

Mike McGlinchey’s rehabilitation following surgery to repair the torn quad suffered Nov. 7, 2021, “is going very well,” Lynch said. Like Kinlaw, the 49ers will give their offensive lineman the time he needs to get back to 100%.

Lynch is optimistic center Alex Mack won’t retire and return for his 14th NFL season.

Running backs coach Bobby Turner will miss the 2022 season after undergoing knee surgery. However, he plans to return to coaching in 2023. “Bobby is making it very clear that he’s coming back, and we’re making it very clear that he’s always welcome,” Lynch said.

The 49ers like their depth at running back, especially with the two players they drafted last year — Trey Sermon and Elijah Mitchell. Says Lynch: “Trey is someone we are really passionate about, as we are with Elijah. We love our depth in this piece, and it’s not bad to be able to turn to Deebo when you need a little help too. player.”

Lynch admits DJ Jones’ impressive 2021 campaign could make re-signing the defensive tackle “difficult”. He added: “It would be hard to lose, but there could be that chance.”

Lynch would like to see running back Raheem Mostert re-sign with the 49ers, but recognizes some risk in bringing him back, given his injury history. According to Jennifer Lee Chan of NBC Sports Bay Area, the general manager said, “It’s a high risk, but I think there’s also a big reward. I’m sure a lot of teams are thinking about it too. I know how much [Dolphins head coach] Mike McDaniel was his.”

San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch speaks with reporters at the 2022 NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. Here is all he had to say. Transcript provided by San Francisco 49ers communications staff. Any updates on T Mike McGlinchey regarding his progress? “Mike is fine. He had major surgery to fix that quad tendon, but like Mike always has, he is attacking everything 100% and his rehabilitation is going very well. We are pleased with his progress. We will give him the time he needs, not only for him to come back, but for him to come back and not be in pain anymore and be able to play the way we think he is capable of playing.” How do you think QB Jimmy Garoppolo’s situation is?

When the NFL released the list of coaches scheduled to speak to the media at the NFL Scouting Combine this week, the name of San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan was among those conspicuously absent. Bill Belichick, Sean McVay, Mike Tomlin, Matt Rhule and John Harbaugh were not on the list. NBC Sports Bay Area reports that Shanahan and his team won’t even be in Indianapolis for the NFL Scouting Combine. “Staff, including new hires, will remain in Santa Clara and review prospects’ film,” Matt Maiocco wrote via Twitter. “The personnel department and the SF scouts are in

Last season, KJ Wright found himself doing something he never thought he would do: playing for a team that wasn’t called the Seattle Seahawks. A free agent last year, the star linebacker saw no problem signing with the division-rival San Francisco 49ers. He was just waiting for this call. Any call, really, from an interested team. He waited, and those calls never came. Wright didn’t understand why. He had amassed quite the resume during his 10 years in Seattle, racking up 941 tackles, 66 tackles for a loss, 27 quarterback hits, 13.5 sacks and six interceptions. He was a Pro Bowl player and a Super Bowl champion. The linebacker was even willing to take on a reduced role, as long as the offer wasn’t insulting. He continued to wait. Still no calls. the

San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch has previously denied rumors that he was considering returning to the broadcast booth. However, that didn’t stop New York Post columnist Andrew Marchand from (sort of) naming Lynch to his list of potential candidates to replace Troy Aikman at FOX. Aikman is leaving FOX for ESPN, creating a dire need for a top football analyst at his former network. Other candidates listed include Greg Olsen, currently with FOX, Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay, former New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton and former Saints quarterback Drew Brees. It’s worth noting that Marchand doesn’t actually list Lynch among his top candidates for the job. Instead, he states that the general manager and former broadcast analyst

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