it is now possible to regain virginity

Due to the openness of society, people live in a life relationship without marriage, Due to which girls lose their virginity before marriage, Besides playing, Dancing and using sanitary napkins like tampons also rupture the membrane of virginity, In such a situation, it can be recovered with hymenoplasty (hymen restoration surgery) at nominal cost and in a very short time. Previously, its trend was in western countries, but now hymen restoration surgery is becoming common in our country, especially in cities.

A few years ago, you wouldn’t have thought that virginity (virginity, virginity) could return, but thanks to advances in medical science, today women can achieve virginity when and as many times as they want. wish. Such a special medical procedure is possible with hymenoplasty. Due to the openness of society, people live in a non-marital life relationship, due to which girls lose their virginity before marriage, in addition to playing, dancing and using sanitary napkins as pads. tampons also rupture the virginity membrane, in such a case hymenoplasty It can be recovered with (hymen restoration surgery) that too at nominal cost and in a very short time. Previously, its trend was in western countries, but now hymen restoration surgery is becoming common in our country, especially in cities.

Divorcees, widows, living and women who have lost their virginity due to any reason take the help of hymenoplasty to prove themselves virgins before the husband in marriage. Along with this, vaginoplasty for vaginal tightening and bulbospongioplasty improve lip flare and rejuvenate the genitals. In the changing social environment, married women also adopt them who want to fully enjoy sex life.

What is the reality ?

The hymen or virgin membrane is mucous tissue that partially blocks the passage to the vagina. The size of the hymen varies from woman to woman, some with thin elastic and others with thicker, less stretchy tissue. Some also have a different hymen structure, such as the imperfect hymen, which keeps the vagina completely closed, they must be opened surgically during menstruation. After adolescence, as age advances, the hymenal tissue weakens and becomes so thin that it is torn even by activities such as cleaning, physical exercise, or running in sports.

misconceptions about virginity

There are many cultures in many countries around the world that consider it a symbol of virginity, honor or purity. Research has shown that the hymen is not necessarily ruptured due to sex or play, there have been cases in which weakness caused by serious illness has ruptured the hymen. In some cases, there is no bleeding due to rupture of the hymen during the first sexual intercourse, this is due to the special structure of the tissue of the hymen, due to which it becomes flexible during sexual intercourse and spreads so much that there is no risk of it breaking. This is the reason why many women do not experience pain during the first sexual intercourse, but lack of excitement during intercourse, dryness or lack of lubrication in the vagina and forced penetration increase the risk of bleeding with pain.

In many cultures, a woman’s virginity is detected by bloodstains on the sheet at first intercourse after marriage, but bleeding at first intercourse is not necessary. Ideal intercourse means that when the woman is mentally ready for sex, during easy penetration, the hymen tissue does not burst and there is no bleeding, even if it does, in the form of few drops.

Virginity still pregnant: There have been many cases in which the hymen tissue has not been torn but the woman has become pregnant. When the examination was done, it was found that there are naturally one or two holes in the hymen, if the man’s ejaculation occurs near the vaginal entrance, then the sperm cells break through a way through these holes and the result is visible in the form of pregnancy.

Why and who needs hymenoplasty?

Women adopt hymenoplasty for two reasons, the first reason is the belief based on religious and cultural beliefs that the girl must be a virgin before marriage, otherwise it is a matter of embarrassment for the girl and her family. These beliefs are so strong that divorce happens when the hymen is broken, which is why most girls take special care that the hymen is not broken before marriage. The second reason is to regain the pleasure of celibacy, many women, regardless of social beliefs, undergo hymenoplasty to become a virgin again on the day of marriage with the consent of their husband. A trend has also started that many married men ask their wives for hymenoplasty to make their wedding anniversary memorable so that her virginity will be reborn and they can enjoy celibacy again. As in western countries, hymenoplasty is legal in our country and every woman has the right to have sexual pleasure through vaginal rejuvenation, that’s why there is a growing trend of hymenoplasty along with vaginoplasty and bulbospongioplasty to improve lip thrust. He goes.

Nowadays, sanitary napkins and menstrual cups like tampons are a major cause of hymen breakdown before marriage, so before suspecting a woman’s virginity, know that she does not use them. Cycling, swimming, gym and horse riding also break the membrane of virginity.

Hymenoplasty and vaginal rejuvenation procedure

The hymen, which is usually torn during intercourse, plastic surgeons restore it to hymenoplasty as it was before intercourse. In some cases, vaginoplasty is necessary to cause the vagina to be tightened so that the woman feels physically completely single and the same feeling returns to her husband or partner.

The hymenoplasty procedure is performed by placing the patient in a lithotomy position under local anesthesia, connecting the torn remnants of the hymen by tightening the inner mucosa through an incision in the vestibular mucosa behind the vaginal wall, present on both sides. The dissected bulbospongiosus muscle is reattached, then the tissue is sutured from the outer edge to the inner end by placing tissue over the mucosa. It does not require any dressings, after the operation the patient should go home and apply only healing ointment. Analgesics are given to relieve pain and antibiotics to prevent infection. It takes seven to eight days to heal, during which sometimes pain and light bleeding may be felt. Usually the patient feels comfortable after a week.

This procedure is completely painless, but many patients take sleeping pills to avoid pain at all. It has a success rate of up to 98% and the whole procedure takes 15-30 minutes. Its cost in our country ranges from 25 to 35 thousand.

Who can do hymenoplasty?

For this, the gynecologist and the plastic surgeon are suitable, but if the plastic surgeon performs this work under the supervision of a gynecologist, better results are obtained. An OB-GYN with experience in cosmetic gynecological surgery in medical science is considered the safest option for this. Remember that a woman must be at least 18 years old to undergo hymenoplasty.

These precautions are necessary

Most complications are caused by not following doctor’s advice after surgery and they are more for those who are in a rush to have sex, so don’t have sex for at least 6 weeks. Having sex after hymenoplasty causes bleeding like the first time. Do not use tampons as sanitary napkins. For at least two weeks after surgery, wear tight underwear and avoid activities such as walking, climbing stairs, and lifting weights.

Change your mind, everything will change

Experts say that loose muscles due to sexual intercourse and childbirth worsen the shape of the vagina, in such cases these procedures are able to rejuvenate the vagina, but it is not fair to say that virginity will return, because those who believe in things like virginity They must understand that by making a hymen in the vagina, virginity does not come, sexual activities have more effect on the mind than on the body, whoever has had sexual intercourse, her virginity cannot be restored by any surgery, only sports, exercise, such as horseback riding By redoing the hymen torn by activities, unmarried girls can be made physically celibate by the mind.

In any conservative patriarchal country, preserving virginity until marriage is always seen as a necessity and an added attraction, because of this, many women are lining up for that cosmetic hymen restoration surgery that will help their future lives. in-laws. She will maintain this pristine state before her husbands and husbands. This procedure gives women a good start in married life by giving them the opportunity to become physically virgins again, bypassing gender discrimination.

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