Global Stem Cells Group Announces Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Center in Indonesia

Global Stem Cells Group is pleased to announce the establishment of a cell therapy and regenerative medicine center in Indonesia.

Global Stem Cell Group is pleased to announce the establishment of a cell therapy and regenerative medicine center in Indonesia. The new facility emphasizes the Global Stem Cell Group’s goals of bringing the advancements and benefits of regenerative medicine to parts of the world where they are lesser known.

By enabling cooperation with Clinic of Dr. Yanti Kusmiran in Indonesiathis new center will promote high standards of service in regenerative medicine across Indonesia.


This center is part of a growing medical network of partners, and it will formalize and strengthen ties, establishing a global center of excellence to ensure that we effectively use the underlying core technology of stem cells for medical conditions. where traditional therapeutic approaches seem to have failed. This is in line with GSCG’s overall strategy for the development of regenerative medicine through data-driven studies, disease modeling and cell therapy.

There could not have been a better partner to sign this agreement, Dr. Yanti’s aesthetic clinic provides the organizational and physical infrastructure to deliver stem cell and gene therapies locally as needed. And the Global Stem Cells Group’s exceptional cell and stem cell biology and disease pathophysiology give an edge to any patient for whom they are prescribed.

GSCG has developed an enviable reputation in regenerative medicine. So this is the perfect opportunity to translate breakthrough therapies from fundamental discoveries into useful products by leveraging the skills and local knowledge of Dr. Yanti’s aesthetic clinics.

Group CEO Benito Novas provided the clearest description of GSCG’s new strategic direction and goals. “Our primary goal is to make the benefits of regenerative medicine a reality for physicians and patients around the world. The company grows and establishes itself as a market leader.

Current market outlook

Cell therapies are becoming an increasingly effective and safe clinical solution to treat conditions for which traditional medicine only offers palliative care. This is why patients all over the world are looking for a natural regenerative alternative without the use of drugs and drugs. . However, its application is still in its infancy. Initiatives like this attempt to reduce barriers to widespread adoption. This effort will play an important role in the development of regenerative medicine in Indonesia, enabling continuous improvement through research and development.

Aesthetic clinics Dr Yanti

Dr. Yanti Aesthetic Clinics is a leading cosmetic and aesthetic clinic in Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara. Since its creation in 2004 in Surabaya by Dr Khoe Yanti Khusmiran, the hospital has expanded to more than 6 branches all over Indonesia. They offer a range of skin and body enhancement treatments and stand to gain from stem cell therapies for their minimally invasive and non-invasive procedures.

The newly formed association will deliver breakthrough medicines through these clinics to help patients avoid permanent damage and lead healthy lives. Changing the paradigm from asymptomatic treatments to remedies that improve quality of life. Dr. Yanti Kushmiran was excited about this announcement. He said, “We are honored to be part of GSCG, which has over 10 years of market experience and a strong international reputation. We will provide more services to our patients through this new partnership.

Global Stem Cell Group

GSCG provides leadership in regenerative medicine research, patient applications and education through our strategic global networks. We strive to enable physicians to treat otherwise incurable diseases using stem cell therapy and to improve quality of life and care around the world.

For this reason, we work with innovative next-generation therapy providers such as Dr. Yanti’s Aesthetic Clinics to provide access to one-of-a-kind holistic and safe treatment options.

More information regarding this transaction and the Global Stem Cells Group can be found at GSCG.

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