Expanse Series Finale Brings Back A Forgotten Season 2 Mystery

The Expanse finale takes one last trip to Laconia with Cara and Xan – and revisits the forgotten hybrid mystery of Protomolecule from season 2.

The extentThe season finale of gives a final retaliation to a classic mystery – the Protomolecule hybrids. A lot has changed since The extent season 2. The Rocinante contains some new faces, there’s a giant portal sitting at the end of the solar system, and Earth doesn’t look too good. Amazon’s sci-fi feed has also come a long way since the days of Syfy…but we’ll still have the Protomolecule hybrids. Developed by Jules-Pierre Mao as part of “Project Caliban”, the experiment deliberately infected children (usually those with weakened immune systems) with samples of the protomolecule. The alien slime would adapt to its host, creating a hybrid with superhuman powers, which Mao, naturally, tried to sell to the highest bidder.


Project Caliban was duly shut down by James Holden’s Rocinante team, and the Sol system has since become protomolecule-less. This is not the case for colony planets such as Laconia, however. Young Cara Bisset – the daughter of two colonist researchers – discovered protomolecule repair dogs deep in the Laconian forest. When her brother, Xan, dies in a tragic accident, Cara asks the dogs to bring him back to life, but there’s a catch. The extentThe series finale reveals more and connects Xan to the nearly forgotten Protomolecule hybrid mystery from Season 2.

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First return to The extentIn the penultimate episode of Xan, Xan has already shown some…changes. Those dark glassy eyes hadn’t been there before, and Xan didn’t talk like the possessed kid in a horror movie. But it wasn’t until the season 6 finale that The extent demonstrate the true extent of Xan’s alterations. Severed by his father’s knife (not the best welcome home), Xan’s palm heals immediately, confirming a powerful regenerative ability. And not only have Xan’s eyes changed color, but he also perceives the world as bright blue, similar to what The extent previously shown with Julie Mao. Rather than just seeing physical matter, Xan’s eyes can now see Cara’s biology and the inner workings of the Laconia Forest – like an x-ray of nature.

Protomolecule in The Expanse

In a sense, Xan represents a perfected version of what Jules-Pierre Mao was trying to achieve with his Protomolecule hybrids. Mao’s creations benefited from the power of the protomolecule, but only certain children were suitable for his purposes. Even then, the success rate was incredibly low, and all Mao hybrid children do create have become semi-insane energy-eating monsters. Differences aside, Xan’s predicament still bears a close similarity to Mao’s hybrid children of The extent season 3. His subjects became more resilient and durable than normal humans, and one (Katoa) even dissected a lab assistant to examine how her biology worked, suggesting he could “see” a similar natural process. to Xan’s.

Xan is clearly superior to synthetic protomolecule hybrids of The extentthe first seasons. He hasn’t turned into a beast, isn’t greedy for power sources, and has retained some semblance of himself – even though he isn’t the previously known Xan Cara. Katoa died taking a minigun hit from Bobbie Draper at close range; it would be fascinating (in purely scientific terms, of course) to see if the same attack would finish off Xan, or if he would just reassemble.

The extent does not specify precisely How? ‘Or’ What Xan differs from the Jules-Pierre Mao hybrids, but two strong assumptions can be made as to Why the young Laconian settler is more advanced in its relationship with the Protomolecule. Mao’s Protogen scientists were flying blind trying to exploit the protomolecule, while Laconia dogs seem intuitively familiar with it. Additionally, Mao infected living children, while Xan was rebuilt by the protomolecule after his death. Nonetheless, Xan’s upgrades prove that Mao was onto something when he concocted the idea of ​​using humans as vessels for Protomolecule, and The extent The Laconia storyline of the finale also confirms that a higher evolution of the Protomolecule hybrid is feasible. For The extent, however, Xan’s transformation picks up on a storyline that many thought ended 3 seasons prior, highlighting how that ending was heralded from the start.

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