Every clue of the Gabriel twist that you missed

James Wan’s latest horror film, Smart, has a big twist on the movie’s villain, Gabriel, who is revealed during the third act, and while it’s a shocking revelation, there are a few clues throughout the movie that lead to it. James Wan has become one of the most respected names in the film industry, especially in the horror genre, thanks to franchises like Seen and Insidious (which he co-created with fellow filmmaker and actor Leigh Whannell), and Conspiracy universe, although he also visited other genres with films like furious 7 and Aquaman.

Wan’s first work in the horror genre was Seen in 2004, which comes from a short film of the same name that he directed with Whannell in 2003. After two more Seen movies, Wan and Whannell joined forces again in the movie Dead silence (2007) and again in 2010 with Insidious. After Conspiracy (2013) and The Conjuring 2 (2016), Wan focused on producing several films before returning to the director’s chair for Aquaman in 2018, so fans were thrilled when he announced that he would be returning to the horror world with a project titled Smart. Written by Akela Cooper and based on an original story by Wan, Cooper and Ingrid Bisu, Smart follows Madison (Annabelle Wallis), a woman haunted by visions of murders of aliens by a monstrous creature.

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Smart was one of many films affected by the coronavirus pandemic and had to be delayed, but it eventually got a simultaneous release in theaters and HBO Max on September 1, 2021. Smart has been quite confrontational, and this is mainly due to the great twist of the third act, which some have called brilliant while others found it disappointing and offering nothing new, especially compared to previous drafts of horror of Wan. Whether or not you liked this shocking revelation, the truth is that there are a few clues early on that lead up to it, and most of them are easy to miss. Here are all the clues for SmartYou’ve probably missed the Gabriel twist.

First look at Gabriel

Gabriel's first smart look

A clue that viewers have reported on various forums and on social media appears in the first few minutes of Smart, with the first look at Gabriel. While it’s unclear as it would have ruined the whole movie, viewers have mentioned that on a closer look it’s clear that Gabriel is attached to something (or rather someone) else, as seen in the way it moves and in close-up. to Madison / Emily socks. The feet look normal, but Gabriel doesn’t, hinting that he doesn’t have a proper body.

“It’s time to eliminate cancer”

Cancer of the Clever Weaver

Seconds after this first look at Gabriel, Dr Weaver (Jaqueline McKenzie) says: “it’s time to get rid of the cancer», Referring to the suppression of Gabriel. It is a subtle allusion to Gabriel taking up space that is not his and being a strange “mass” in someone’s body, similar to a tumor. Viewers later learn that doctors did what they could to remove Gabriel from Madison’s body, literally “cutting off the cancer,” although the operation was not fully successful.

The opening credits

Smart opening credits

The opening credits of Smart are full of clues about his Gabriel twist. Terms like “bimental, physical,” “sleepwalker,” “daydreams,” quick shots of Madison’s surgery, close-ups of what looks like a brain, of tissue being divided, and photos of skulls and of fetuses all point in the same direction: Gabriel being a parasitic twin. The biggest clue of the credits, however, is a photo of an item with the definition of “dicephalic parapagus” which is partially edited, only showing that it is a “state […] with varying degrees of twinning of organs and torso structure”.

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Derek’s murder

Clever Derek Gabriel Madison

The event that triggers Gabriel’s murderous follies is when Madison’s husband Derek (Jake Abel) smashes his head against a wall. That same night, Derek is haunted by a presence around the house, and when he arrives in the living room, he sees Madison sitting there, apparently watching TV, but she disappears as soon as he turns on the light. It’s a subtle allusion to the fact that Gabriel and Madison are one, as it was really her sitting there, but under Gabriel’s control. On top of that, during the investigation into her murder, detectives mention that there is no sign of the break-in, further proving that it was Madison.

Gabriel “attacks” Madison

The evil Gabriel attacks Madison

When Madison finds Derek’s body, she meets Gabriel, who jumps on her but doesn’t reach him, prompting him to run upstairs and hide. When she closes the door, it opens again as if pushed, but there is no one outside pushing the door, which shows that she is not being chased by anyone, and all that is part of an illusion of Gabriel.

Dr. Weaver takes a picture of Madison, not Gabriel

Maligne Dr Weaver home

Gabriel’s next victim is Dr. Weaver, whom he calls and tells her that “it’s time to get rid of the cancer”. After recognizing the caller as Gabriel, Weaver grabs Madison / Emily’s file from her library and takes a picture of young Madison / Emily. If Gabriel was a separate entity, the photo would have shown the creature, not Emily.

Madison’s head injury

Madison's Malignant Head

A consistent index throughout Smart This is how Madison reacts before the “visions” begin. In addition to the flickering lights, which mark Gabriel’s arrival, Madison can be seen in pain, touching the back of her head, which also begins to bleed. Viewers later learn that Gabriel is literally coming out of the back of his head, so the bleeding has a reason.

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Dr Weaver’s specialty

Photo of Emily's malignant patient

During the investigation into the murder of Dr Weaver, Detective Regina Moss (Michole Briana White) mentions that Weaver’s specialty was reconstructive surgery on the child, which with all of the aforementioned clues, especially those in the credits opening, shows even more the truth that Gabriel is a parasitic (and evil) twin.

Gabriel calls Madison

Emily Gabriel's smart bathroom

The first real interaction between Gabriel and Madison takes place in the restroom of the police station. Gabriel calls Madison and calls her Emily, and mentions several times how he’s in his head and is the voice in it, because he’s literally in his head. Madison then calls him Gabriel without knowing his name in advance, further showing the strong connection between them.

Young Emily talking to Gabriel

Emily's Smart Birthday

Madison and her sister, Sydney (Maddie Hasson), visit their mother, who shows them family tapes. In it, their parents celebrate Madison’s birthday, and after blowing out the candles, Madison turns to her, looking behind her, to speak to Gabriel. Rather than talking to her like an imaginary friend sitting next to her, it’s like he’s behind her, which viewers later learn was exactly where he was.

Madison’s medical records

Emily Maligne's medical records

While Madison is locked in the police station, Sydney goes to Simion’s Abandoned Hospital to retrieve Madison / Emily’s medical records. There is a quick photo of them with the words “an underdeveloped twin is a parasitic twin”, “embryo fails”, “craniopagus parasiticus” and “somatic and placental muscle system of twins” highlighted.

Emily’s gang

Emily's Smart Band

The last clue of SmartGabriel’s twist comes seconds before the big reveal, when Sydney and her mother watch a tape of the experiences. In it, a sleeping Emily is interviewed by Weaver, who tells her that she gave Gabriel a heavy sedative, which is why she feels this way. It is then revealed that Gabriel is attached to his brain and back, gathering all the clues to his parasitic and evil nature.

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