Donor Parveen Singh Malik bids farewell to this world at its peak but kindles hope in 4 with organ and tissue donation to PGIMER

PGIMER witnesses another case of exemplary courage, single-mindedness on the 2nd consecutive day this week as, following in the footsteps of a brave heart donor family from Punjab the day before, another valiant family from the district of Jind, Haryana consented to donate the organs of their dear one, 25-year-old Parveen Singh Malik, amid their grim tragedy and brought hope to four patients with Kidney and Cornea Transplantation here at PGIMER Chandigarh.

Vivek Lal, Director of PGIMER, while paying rich tributes to donor Parveen Singh Malik, said, “For any family, this is a heartbreaking loss. But families like that of the late Parveen Singh Malik who are keen to make an offer in the most tragic moments of their lives definitely instill a sense of confidence and give a ray of hope to the growing number of beneficiaries on the waiting list. I also commend the efforts of the entire PGIMER team involved in the process of translating the noble wish of the donor family into “reality” by saving precious lives.

Like any other usual day, Malik, popularly called Gathwala Jat Chaudhary Parveen Singh Malik, was riding his bike to work on June 10 when he was brutally hit by an unknown high-speed vehicle from behind, leaving him unconscious due to the impact of head injuries. . Wasting no time, the family immediately transported the seriously injured Parveen, first to GMSH, Sector 16, then to GMCH, Sector 32. After being referred by GMCH, Sector 32, he was admitted to PGIMER the same day. However, nothing helped, neither fervent prayers from family and friends nor the best medical care and his grueling life and death struggle ended on Wednesday when he was declared brain dead by the PGIMER certification committee after following the THOA protocols.

“It was quite difficult to say ‘yes’ to organ donation. But then we thought that if someone had come to us at that time and told us that there was an organ that could save our son Parveen, we would have jumped at the chance. So we thought about saving someone else the pain and agony of losing their child and we made the decision. It’s heartwarming to know that someone was lucky enough to live because of my dear son. shared the grief but father Kuldeep Malik.

Ravinder Malik, uncle of Parveen Singh Malik, who stood by the bereaved father in this hour of mourning, said: “Fate has taken its toll on us. Although it was an extremely difficult decision, we always believed it was the right thing to do. No one can understand better than us what it means to lose a son, so we absolutely didn’t want anyone else to have to go through this excruciating pain.

After the family consented to organ donation, all relevant departments quickly sprang into action—the intensive care unit held the donor, the labs did the cross-matching, the nephrology department Searching for compatible recipients, transplant teams retrieved the pancreas and kidneys from donor Parveen and transplanted them to two patients with end-stage renal disease. In addition, donor corneas were also removed, which upon transplantation restored the sight of two corneal blind patients.

HSKohli, Head, Department. of Nephrology, PGIMER said, “The Department of Nephrology Pre-Transplant Work Team sprang into action and, in accordance with numerous criteria, contacted potential recipients to narrow down the selection of these two individuals who were granted a second life. Both suffer from “debilitating end-stage kidney disease” and have long relied on kidney dialysis. Their chances of surviving without a transplant were slim.

Procedure Details Ashish Sharma, Head, Deptt. of Renal Transplant Surgery, said, “The team was in the operating room 24 hours a day for four transplants performed consecutively in two days, including a combined liver and kidney operation and a combined pancreas and kidneys. But it is extremely gratifying that all surgeries were successful and all patients are recovering well.

Sharing how the deceased organ donation program is highlighted in PGIMER, Vipin Koushal, Nodal Officer, ROTTO PGIMER shared his concerns, as he said, “Given the rapidly increasing burden of lifestyle-related diseases and the incidence of organ failure over the years, we really need to improve the rate of organ donation Synergistic efforts and commitment from civil society, leaders religious and other stakeholders are needed to raise awareness of the cause, which will help save precious lives.

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