Crystal Clinic Opens New Hospital and Passes 2,000 Procedures Milestone | Health

The Crystal Clinic orthopedic center opened its new hospital specializing in orthopedic and plastic/reconstructive surgery on November 1 in Fairlawn. Doctors performed nearly 100 procedures using Stryker’s Mako system for robot-assisted knee and hip replacement surgery at the new facility, helping the hospital surpass the milestone of 2,000 procedures performed at date using technology, according to a press release.

“Studies have shown that the use of advanced technologies, such as the Mako System, allows for more precise placement of joint implants compared to conventional joint replacement surgery,” said Dr. Ian Gradisar, Director of Hospital Surgical Services. from Crystal Clinic. Release. “More precise alignment improves patients’ ability to perform daily activities with less pain and extends implant life. Our advanced surgical innovations shorten hospital stays, reduce blood loss during surgery, and minimize the risk of complications such as deep vein thrombosis and postoperative pain.

Using CT-based 3D modeling of bone anatomy, Crystal Clinic surgeons use the Mako System to create a personalized surgical plan and determine implant size, orientation, and alignment for each patient. . By precisely targeting the damaged part of the joint, surgeons can spare more healthy bone and tissue, which promotes faster recovery with less pain, the statement said.

“The patient-centered design and cutting-edge technologies of our new hospital, combined with the expertise of our skilled surgeons and the exceptional care of our highly regarded clinical staff, will enable us to continue to deliver our renowned surgical results to the nationwide and an exceptional patient experience. ,” Gradisar said in the statement.

The Fairlawn Crystal Clinic Orthopedic Center Inpatient Surgical Hospital, located at 3557 Embassy Parkway, has 12 advanced operating rooms and 60 private patient rooms.

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