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The Crypto Coral tribe: connecting nature with the metaverse

There is an upward NFT movement that ties digital assets to a “change for the better” goal. The Crypto Coral Tribe team is trying to positively impact marine life by bringing corals to life and inspiring people to join the environmental metaverse space through their unique Tribal Coral NFTs.

During a DailyCoin exclusive, the three main members of the Crypto Global Tribe who call themselves Kaiporah, Mowgly and Numalunah, shared the process, ambitions and unique characteristics of their promising tribal NFTs.

Objective: revive the coral reefs

Corals are a fundamental part of the ocean. They cover only 1% of the ocean but harbor 25% of life; they are extremely important to the ecosystem. Corals are also beautiful, they are a great tool of expression and inspire creativity – they come in different shapes and colors and are truly fascinating creatures in appearance and function.

Crypto Coral NFTs will be minted on the blockchain, which is proof of the stake and consumes significantly less energy than other blockchains. According to statistics, “a Solana trade uses as little energy as two Google searches (NASDAQ :)” and is 98% more efficient at generating NFTs than.

Partnerships with gardeners and coral conservators

The Crypto Coral Tribe team found a way to plant a few thousand corals with partners in Malaga (Spain), Bali and the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Bahamas. The ideas of the partners are not limited to planting corals.

“One of our partners in Turks and Caicos is researching rock tissue coral disease. The disease affects the corals in this part of the load, killing 40% of some species. It’s not just about planting corals, some of the funds we generate through this project will also be used to approach marine restoration from other angles, ”the team said.

The initiative is committed to planting 3,000 corals on three different continents. The conditions, however, are a bit different in each location. For example, in Malaga it is quite a difficult process to plant a lot of corals because the reef is very deep. Divers must rescue broken pieces of coral, haul them up, put them in a nursery for a short time, and then bring them out again. In Bali, on the other hand, it’s just a matter of taking a small piece of a mother coral and planting it immediately. One of the main team members explained,

“The greatest value that I see in this collection of entities is that once people buy this NFT, they are part of the community that is leading the environmental and social impact in many different projects that we research and deliver. then to the community. 50% of the income will go into this fund that the community manages, and with the project and the proposals organize the community vote.

We call ourselves Crypto Coral Tribe because together we can fight and make an impact around the world, and it doesn’t have to be with corals, it can be anything, it could be art projects, it could be sustainability, tech hackathons, or attracting developers to work on exciting technology that could help the environment ”

The importance of the community for the NFT project

According to the Crypto Coral Tribe, it’s not just about doing good for the environment, but also about being connected to nature.

“We are working with a British musician, who did a song about our history, about the mythology of crypto corals. There is a sound journey that you can take, it has aquatic sounds and sets the mood. We love working on the project, and so far it’s been a fun process, working with musicians, working with artists, that’s a big part of us, we don’t see ourselves as purely environmental people, l he creative element is also crucial. “One of the values ​​of the project is the social experience with DAO where you have to buy an NFT to enter the DAO and use all the funds to invest in more NFTs. What if we get the equivalent of ” million dollars of funds in the community treasury, but that the only goal was not just financial motivation but rather an ESG incentive with environmental, social and governance impact? What would people invest in when the financial performance is not their main priority, when a social impact, cultural change or environmental protection is their agenda, to see what people connect with the most and what causes the most change with that ?

“What we aspire to is that when people buy these NFTs, we open them up to this universe of creative possibilities, all based on ethical and enduring philosophies.”

The exceptional artistic function

NFTs are coral creatures with a tribal element. The team explained in more detail the inspiration behind NFTs:

“We were inspired by the idea that hunter-gatherers and tribal cultures lived in a very symbiotic and environmentally friendly way; we wanted to create the feeling of a tribe with the other side future and crypto. Some characters have cool bomber jackets, others have tech elements. The idea is to connect the tribe and nature with a futuristic aesthetic. Crypto Coral Tribe artist specializes in futuristic indigenous tribes and the different ways our future could develop in synergy with nature. They are very specialized in the whole idea of ​​the NFT concept and the art.

Crypto Coral Tribe NFT: Price and Launch Date

The current price of a Coral NFT is 1 SOL, although this may change depending on the market.

“We chose the award because it gave us enough budget to plant a lot of corals, enough to have a significant impact fund with over a million dollars in potential income, so people can really have the impression that it is going to have an impact and changes. “the team said.

The extra budget is to develop other projects like the online tribe, to create an interactive experience, where people online can log into a beautiful portal and browse the mythology and see the fund situation and see the different projects .

“When you buy something that’s more expensive, you tend to care more about it and commit to it more. At the end of the day, that’s what we want. We want people to buy NFTs and also sign up, not just to return and sell them, ”the team explained.

The planned launch date is mid-December to the end of December, with the potential for change. There will be a list of 500 to 1,000 places that people can enter and they will have early access to strike guaranteed to get an NFT. The team will publish all relevant information in the coming weeks.

On the reverse

  • It is difficult to get rid of negative claims about environmentally damaging NDTs despite the lack of scientific evidence.
  • NFT projects are a great way to build a community working for positive change.


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