Best Workout Recovery Gifts

If your dad lives and breathes fitness, one of the best gifts you can give him this Father’s Day is the gift of recovery. After all, it’s one of the most important parts of any fitness routine.

From high-tech gadgets to intensive news topics, here are some of the best tools to add to your dad’s gym bag for smarter recovery and bigger gains:

High Dose Infrared PEMF Mat ($1,095)

This unique recovery mat combines the healing benefits of NASA approved pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) technology and infrared heat to increase circulation, relieve common muscle inflammation, and facilitate cellular repair for optimal recovery.

Aquilo Sports Cryocompression System ($2,990)

Aquilo’s signature recovery pants provide cold and compression therapy by quickly circulating icy water around your lower body muscles through the compression pants, keeping you perfectly dry the whole time. treatment. The freezing temperature combined with passive compression helps stimulate blood circulation, aids muscle recovery and promotes faster healing. The compression and cold therapy functions can be used simultaneously or individually, depending on your preference. Moreover, the battery-powered gadget can easily slip into a backpack, making it convenient to carry.

Marc Pro ($699)

There’s a reason even major league baseball teams like the Boston Red Sox and LA Dodgers swear by this NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation) device. The wearable gadget uses electrical pulses to slowly contract and relax muscles without tiring them, to improve circulation, eliminate metabolic waste, soothe pain and optimize muscle recovery. Plus, its compact design makes it easy to take wherever your workout takes you.

LifePro DynaMini Massage Gun ($89.99)

Weighing 1.6 lbs and about the size of a smartphone, this compact percussion massage gun from LifePro is small enough to fit in your gym bag, tote, carry-on or even your cargo pocket . But don’t be fooled by its size. Featuring a 70W motor and enough juice to sync between three and six hours on a single charge, it’s powerful enough to get the job done. You can adjust the intensity anywhere from a gentle 900 RPM to remove minor creases and relieve tension to an intense 3200 RPM for a truly deep tissue massage. The device comes with four heads and a carrying case. And the best part? You can charge it with any USB-C charger, so it’s one less thing to carry!

HoMedics Full Recline Shiatsu Massage Cushion ($319.99)

This innovative pillow can give you a relaxing shiatsu massage on the go, whether you’re sitting, leaning back, or lying down. Its adjustable deep kneading nodes relieve back pain and pain and loosen tight gluteal muscles, while its heating capabilities and AirFlex technology provide extra support and deeper relaxation. Plus, the cushion uses SmartScan technology to detect your height (up to 6’7″) for a personalized neck and shoulder massage.

Uncle Bud’s 120mg CBD Roll-On for Recovery ($9.99)

If your dad is a CBD fan, he’ll appreciate this extra-strength CBD topical that’s perfect for those days when there just isn’t time for a percussive massage or foam rolling. Supercharged with 120mg of CBD Oil, it helps soothe sore muscles and joints, relieve tightness, and relieve minor aches and pains. Its lightweight formula absorbs quickly into skin while the roll-on design ensures easy, mess-free application for on-the-go relief.

GhostBed Venus Williams Legend Mattress ($1,796)

Sufficient sleep is an indispensable part of recovery. It not only restores energy but also improves mood, facilitates cell and tissue repair to strengthen muscles worked during exercise and reduces the risk of another injury. Designed in collaboration with tennis maestro Venus Williams, GhostBed’s Venus Williams Legend Mattress specifically targets both recovery and performance. Each mattress features a mineral-infused gel memory foam core called the “Venus FIT Layer” that harnesses infrared light to stimulate blood circulation and promote faster muscle recovery.

Manduka Lyric Therapeutic Massager ($199.95)

This WiFi-enabled massage gun uses innovative rhythmic therapy to awaken tired muscles throughout the body and promote relaxation. The unique technology provides targeted relief of muscle tension, aches and pains while applying less pressure than a standard percussive massage gun, allowing for a comfortable, non-aggressive massage experience. The percussion device is available in five colors and can run for up to four hours when fully charged, according to the company.

LifePro Waver vibration plate ($199.99)

The LifePro Waver Plate reduces downtime between workouts by using gentle, therapeutic vibrations to increase the flow of blood and oxygen to muscles, helping your muscles and joints repair faster.

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