Army medics use new technique to repair 26-year-old’s jaw | Delhi News

New Delhi: Doctors at the Army Dental Center Research and Referral Hospital in Delhi recently performed a reconstruction of the jaw bone of a 26-year-old man, the son of a member of the army stationed in Jammu and Kashmir, using a custom-made titanium implant.
Colonel Vivek Saxena, head of the Maxillofacial Surgery Unit, said the technique was new in India. “This involves the implantation of a custom 3D printed titanium bone replacement where the mirroring of the opposing normal bone / mandible is performed and, therefore, the fit, comfort and delivery of Dentures are available, which no other technique offers, ”said Saxena, who was part of the operations team.
“First, there is no morbidity at the donor site because no bone is taken from the patient’s body. Second, recovery is faster, which is important for soldiers, and third, the aesthetic and functional result is unmatched compared to previous procedures, ”he said.
Conventionally, this surgery involves using a segment of bone from the hip or leg, which results in morbidity in terms of problems with walking, he said. The Army Dental Center, the doctor said, sees 20 to 25 patients a year who require reconstructive surgeries on the jawbone and face.
A tumor had destroyed the patient’s lower jaw, which had been removed a year ago. He was released, a doctor said.
The team of surgeons was led by the Army Dental Corps General Manager, Lt. Gen. NK Sahoo. He said the technique could be used for some similar cases caused by post-Covid mucormycosis.

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