“Age gracefully, but looks younger”: New York plastic surgeon opens Staten Island office

STATEN ISLAND, NY – People living longer and healthier, many wish they could go back in time and look the way they feel.

This is why Dr. Robert Guida has dedicated his entire life to the field of plastic surgery.

“Overall, people are healthier, live longer, and are more aware and motivated to live better lives. As we get older we feel great, but the aging process continues due to the severity and damage from the sun. The signs of aging – whether it’s a droopy nose, sun-wrinkled skin, sagging swollen eyelids, or a sagging neck – make us look older and tired, even though we feel young, energetic and healthy, ”Guida said.

“Plastic surgery, laser techniques, Botox, fillers and skin care have improved dramatically over the past decades. We can reverse the signs of aging while maintaining a natural look. It is possible to age gracefully, while looking younger, more rested and in many ways better if the proper cosmetic procedures are selected and performed correctly, ”he added.

For these reasons, Guida quickly found his niche as a plastic surgeon, and he recently expanded his Manhattan-based operations to launch a state-of-the-art satellite office equipped with an operating room certified in Corporate Commons 3. in Bloomfield in November.

“Many of my staff – office managers and nurses – are from Staten Island. Several years ago they encouraged me to open a satellite office in Staten Island, ”he said. “My [Park Avenue] the practice grew exponentially to the point that we now needed a larger, modern space. … Staten Island is sophisticated and cosmopolitan on the one hand, but in many ways it often feels like a small town where everyone knows and helps each other.


Guida is certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery of the face, as well as otolaryngology – head and neck surgery (ENT). Its specialized services include cosmetic and functional nose surgery, cosmetic eyelid surgery, face and neck surgery, cosmetic ear surgery, as well as post reconstruction. Mohs surgery for skin cancer.

During his surgical training at the Graduate Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Guida worked with some of the best facial plastic surgeons in Philadelphia “and it piqued my interest,” he said. He then completed his residency at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary (NYEEI)

“It seemed like all of New York’s top rhinoplasty surgeons were operating there every day of the week. As a teaching hospital and one of the finest and busiest residency programs in the country, I have been able to observe and perform numerous rhinoplasties, facelifts, blepharoplasties. [plastic surgery around the eyes], and other facial plastic procedures throughout my four years there, ”Guida said.

“We had a very busy clinic at NYEEI and our patients came from all over the world. We worked six days a week. It was an incredible and unique experience. It was during my residency that I knew I had the technical expertise, excellent training and judgment to do these procedures very well, and it was exciting, ”he recalls.

He then held an academic position at Weill Cornell Medical College in Manhattan for a decade, before opening his own private practice on Park Avenue.


Guida said he had always focused on rhinoplasty, “because it is the most difficult and rewarding operation in plastic surgery.”

For this reason, he continued his training in the field and obtained a scholarship to Oregon Health Sciences University with the best professors of rhinoplasty and facial plastic surgery in the country.

“The nose is in the center of the face and its shape must balance, even enhance, the rest of the facial features. Often after puberty, whether due to trauma or genetics, the shape of the nose can develop, twist, sag and often not work as well, ”said Guida. “A too big or droopy nose on an otherwise attractive young woman or man can really have a negative effect on self-esteem, especially today with the emphasis on social media and the use of images. digital for our phones to communicate with friends. “

Guida is certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery of the face, as well as otolaryngology – head and neck surgery. (Courtesy of Dr Robert Guida)


Guida said the most enjoyable and rewarding part of her job “is watching positive life changing transformations.”

“I often see [this] after a well performed rhinoplasty. There’s a happiness factor that’s hard to explain when you see the joy a young woman or man expresses when they compare what they looked like before and after their rhinoplasty, ”he said.

Dr Robert Guida

Guida said the most enjoyable and rewarding part of her job “is watching positive life changing transformations.” (Courtesy of Dr Robert Guida)

Additionally, Guida said he also enjoys working with many close-knit families on Staten Island.

“We seem to have a lot of generational patients, where grandparents, parents, and teenage grandchildren are all my patients. And it’s nice to see how close-knit many families are on Staten Island, ”Guida said. “I can often see through their interaction a real feeling of love, caring and strength in family bonds. It is quite heartwarming.”


Address: 1441 avenue sud, Bloomfield

Website: www.drguida.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/drguida

Instagram: www.instagram.com/drguida

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