6 Reasons Everyone In Twin Falls Should Remove Icicles From The Roof

I noticed a lot of large icicles forming on the houses around the area. I think they’re actually quite beautiful, but they also look super scary. Even if they don’t pose a great danger, there are reasons why you should remove icicles from the roof of your home.

  • 1

    They can cause physical harm to people

    While the likelihood of an icicle impaling a human is slim, it can still hurt. Bruises and even fractures can occur if one of them falls on you. Plus, no one wants a big chunk of ice to hit them in the head.

  • 2

    They can cause physical harm to pets

    Pretty much the same as the people. Ice cubes aren’t likely to impale a pet, but they can seriously injure them, just like a person. If you find yourself under one of them at the wrong time, it can cause damage.

  • 3

    It can damage your roof

    Icicles can cause serious damage to your roof. If they crack and fall off, they may take part of the roof with them.

  • 4

    It can damage gutters and home accessories.

    Again, this can cause damage to your home. It can crack the gutters or cause them to fall off your house, it can break all the decorative elements in your house.

  • 5

    They make working on your roof dangerous

    If for some reason you have to climb on the roof of your house, icicles and snow make it super dangerous. You could easily slip off if you don’t clean it. Also, don’t even put a ladder leaning against ice cubes.

  • 6

    They are a sign that there is a bigger problem

    Icicles could mean your home is not properly insulated, it could lead to water damage, or it could be a sign of poor ventilation.

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