5 essential nutrients for healthy hair

Having shiny hair might not be high on your list of concerns, but for some, a well-groomed style is important.

Certain conditions can impact the health of our scalp and hair, so if you’re concerned about sudden hair loss or any other scalp issues, it’s probably best to see a medical professional to find out. the underlying problem.

There are also environmental, weather and genetic conditions that will affect the quality and overall health of your hair and even the amount you have.

We can help protect our hair washing it, drying it and combing it gently. Treat it well! If you have long hair, tie it up as much as possible, as hair ties can damage it. Also, go easy on chemical dyes and intense heat treatment from curling irons, straighteners, or blow dryers. Try to wear a hat to protect your hair from the weather,

That said, there are also foods that you can enjoy that will definitely give you a boost! A big part of this is making sure you’re getting the right nutrients to keep your scalp healthy, and eating a generally well-balanced and varied diet can help ensure that.

Check out this list of essential nutrients to get the healthy hair you want!

1. Protein

Protein deficiency, along with all sorts of other disastrous health consequences, will take a toll on the health of your hair. A lack of protein can weaken and break your hair (and nails). You may find that your hair becomes split and limp. You might also notice hair loss and slow growth. It is believed that when deficient, the body tries to preserve protein by shutting down less essential needs like hair growth.

Pack protein into your diet by eating tofu, quinoa, amaranth, beans, lentils, and plenty of nuts and seeds.

2. Zinc

Zinc plays a very important role in the health of our hair and scalp. It is integral to the growth and repair of hair tissue and helps keep hair follicles healthy and well oiled. Hair loss has been linked to zinc deficiency, but some research suggests that too much zinc can have the same effect. Thus, it is advisable to get your zinc intake by eating zinc-rich whole foods such as spinach, wheat germ, lentils, and pumpkin seeds.

3. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential for all healthy cell growth in our bodies, and this is also true for hair! Sebum is the oily substance that keeps our skin hydrated, our scalp healthy and our hair shiny. Vitamin A is what keeps the gland that produces sebum in top shape. Vitamin A deficiency can also lead to hair loss.

Chew on these sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, spinach and kale for your dose of vitamin A.

4. Vitamin C

As a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C can help fight free radicals that can block your hair growth and even cause signs of aging. Vitamin C is also instrumental in the body’s ability to produce collagen. collagen basically helps hold our body together and provides strength and structure. This is also true for our hair. Vitamin C also helps our body absorb iron, which is important for healthy hair.

Check out these recipes that will give you a good boost of vitamin C: 10 recipes full of vitamin C.

5. Iron

Without the iron, our body cannot produce hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is essential for the restoration and growth of our cells, and these include the cells that manage our hair growth. One thinks that iron deficiency can be the cause of some hair loss, especially in women.

To get enough iron, be sure to eat enough dark leafy greens, whole grains, and legumes. You can also indulge yourself with dark chocolate, dried fruits and green molasses!

This article is for informational purposes only and should not be used to address any potential medical conditions. If you have concerns about hair loss, consult a healthcare professional.

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